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    Problem code --> Raymond


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    Problem code --> Raymond Empty Problem code --> Raymond

    Post  Justin-Speeder on Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:20 am

    Ray, hope you get to this soon, man.
    So far, the Blog-links will not work for Internet Explorer,

    Sure, IE Sux, But would be great if it could be "All-Browser" Friendly =)


    <div style="cursor:crosshair; text-decoration: none" onClick="document.getElementById('main').innerHTML=document.getElementById('jstn').innerHTML"">

    <font face="verdana" color="#ffffff"; size="2";><font color="#3333CC";>Justin </font>

    <font color="#FFFFFF";>| </font>

    <a href="">
    <font color=#86AFD9>His </font>
    <font color=#66CCFF>Blog</font></a>

    <font color="#FFFFFF"; size="2";> |</font>


    That is the current code being used to link to both Profiles and Blogs. Very Happy
    It'd be great if it got to work on all browsers.

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    Problem code --> Raymond Empty Re: Problem code --> Raymond

    Post  rxiaxin on Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:55 am

    i can't reli find a prob wif the code leh.. bt i think u shld remove the font colour code, it might b interfering wif the links code..i'm nt so sure bt it might work if u use the font code on the entire thing including the <a href="... thing. if tht does'nt work thn u can try using the font code on the "his blog" thing lar, nt so sure which one works..if both do nt work thn maybe u shld juz remove the font code

    Very Happy

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